Food Synergy Please

Understand the nutrients, but focus on the FOOD :)

Understand the nutrients, but focus on the FOOD 🙂

A while back, nutrition became slightly complicated to the general public and even to many nutrition professionals. Scientists started discovering (and talking about) the benefits to singular nutrients and other biochemical substances within our foods.
Before we knew it, nutritionists, Dietitians, and medical practitioners were emphasizing SPECIFIC nutrients for certain ailments or benefits of health. The problem here is that most people do not view food as a nutrient… Most people do not pick up carrots and say YUM beta carotene and fiber…
In this respect, it became rather confusing to most people that we (the nutrition professionals) were tossing out complex words like antioxidants, ascorbic acid, anthxanthin!
So, what does food synergy have to do with this little rant?
Food synergy is the consumption of food in COMBINATION in a way that nutrients compliment eachother and help facilitate optimal absorption, bioavailability, and provide us with their best nutritional value! So, instead of thinking of individual nutrients 24/7… think about some of the key nutrients you need that will optimize your nutrition. Once you have an idea of what you need to be healthy, focuse on only the food items and less about the nutrient itself.
Eat a variety (a rainbow of colors) in your diet. Try new foods that are more obviously healthful (not just the newest fried food at the OC county fair) however tasty that may be!
EAT in such a way as to be purposeful with your health!


Nichole “The Angry Cupcake” blogger

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