FORGET your New Year’s Resolution and let’s set REALISTIC goals instead

According a 2010 poll by the American Psychological Association, only 1 in 5 adults who made a health related New Year’s Resolution were able to make a significant difference in their health habits.  I for one am an advocate for setting GOALS, especially HEALTHY GOALS!   Sometimes, we view New Year’s Resolutions as a magical CURE ALL for the coming year that if we somehow cut out all fast food, avoid ALL sweets, never eat a drop of fat again, and start working out 7 days a week, that we WILL become a better person…

As you can see, these goals are not reasonable, nor are they likely to be long lasting! Most people who start and maintain health related goals do so by making a lifestyle change that is small and progressive. THESE types of goals cause a change in HABITS and change in LIFESTYLE that cause people to reach beyond their goals and strive to live healthier lives overall. How do they do this?

What is the key to setting and reaching your goal for the new year? HAVE A PLAN & BE REALISTIC! I listed the 5 ingredients to setting and reaching your health related goal this year! This is my strategy and I want to share this:

#1 Set a couple of reasonable goals, start small, and progress your way up as you hit your targets! It is also a good idea to make your goals measurable. By this, I mean come up with a way to measure your progress (and not just pounds on a scale!) Choose a time frame, a dress size, your mile time, or something fun to show how far you have come!

#2 Share your goal with others! Accountability does wonders for motivating and pushing us to do bigger and better things!  Post your goals on social media, tell your family and friends (for support), and write down the goals for yourself, like a contract!

#3 Don’t be too restrictive! Set a little wiggle room and allow yourself to be okay with a set back. Just start again!

#4 Reward yourself! (Not with food)! Choose a healthy way to treat yourself when meeting goals and making progress! Examples include buying yourself that outfit you’ve been wanting, going to the movies with friends, or getting new work out gear!

#5 REMEMBER to choose goals for the right reason and not because we think it will help or impress others.  Eat healthier for yourself, start working out for yourself, or begin a stress reduction plan to be a better YOU!

So, now that the new year has begun, let’s make 2015 THE YEAR we changed our bad habits into healthy ones!!!! My personal goal this year is to eat out LESS OFTEN (measured by no more than 3 food outings a week) and trying to cook at home or bring my meals with me more often! In this way, I hope to spend less money, eat less junk food, and hopefully improve my nutrition and HEALTH with this one small goal!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ❤

I wish everyone the BEST OF LUCK with their New Year’s Goals!


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