How I Studied and PASSED the Registered Dietitian Exam

There are no short cuts in life…

I have dedicated the last 6 years of my life studying nutrition and health and can finally say out loud to the world that I am a REGISTERED DIETITIAN NUTRITIONIST! It feels so good to finally have reached my goals! I am preparing for my very first Clincal Dietitian position with Kaiser Permanente (my dream organization!) and could not be more excited to start! I have SO MUCH to learn, explore, perfect, and discover as a newby dietitian! I am willing and ready to learn! In addition, I also feel that I have a lot to bring to the table! I have my Bachelors degree in Nutrition, my Masters degree in Public Health, my DTR credential, and am officially an RDN…                                                                                   But this did NOT happen over night and the struggle was real! #thestruggleisreal #success

This is how I studied and prepared for the Registration Exam for Dietitians!

Step 1: Start with realizing your passion & dream to study nutrition.  If this is already your path, then choose a good school, hold on to why THIS dream is important to you, and take EVERY opportunity you can! Carrying this dream with you throughout your journey is pivitol in times of discouragement, long study nights, or failure! You want to remind yourself WHY YOU STARTED THIS PATH!

Step 2: Choose a great RD internship after graduation! For MOST this will involve a lengthy, tedious, and arduous matching process in order to obtain a much sought after RD internship! An alternative (that I took) was to go for a combined graduate program and dietetic internship! In only 2 years and several months, I was able to get my Master of Public Health degree and complete my dietetitc internship (though this was very pricey). Choose the path that is BEST for YOU!

Step 3: THE REAL BATTLE BEGINS! Do your research and ask around to fellow classmates, teachers, work buddies in the field, and friends who have already passed the RD exam for great tips, advice, and suggested study material and methods! Don’t be shy, 99% of these people WANT to help you and support you! I used the Inman Study Guide (~$400) which comes with CDs & written study material that takes you through the 4 domains that the test WILL cover. I remember thinking that this material seemed pretty old school, especially with all the online material that is available today. However, coming from an age where we appreciate books and hand writing our school notes, I really enjoyed this material and think it was the MOST helpful!

Step 4: Additional material –> Because I believe in a well rounded approach to studying and did not want to somehow have to take the exam a 2nd time, I also spent $120 on “” for 1-month access to the materials, quizzes, and games they offer. Overall, I found the randomized practice tests that were domain specific very helpful in getting me to review, the rest of the study material was structured in a confusing way, so I stuck with Inman for that part.

Step 5: Study groups vs. alone time –> This all depends on your RD cohort, your friends, and the way you study! I personally study best alone with a little bit of group time for some awesome feedback! I studied predominantely on my own (WHICH I THINK IS VITAL!) and then got together with a couple different friends weeks leading up to the exam to review more difficult sections & discover answers. This was great to alleviate stress because we got coffee, food, laughed, and learned! Much needed!

******* STUDY METHOD TIPS********

  • Go through the entire study guide 1x reading it thoroughly and taking notes (rewrite your notes if that helps you memorize). Try NOT to actually memorize too much but understand WHOLE concepts
  • Especially write down facts, numbers, and equations that you MUST memorize to review later
  • Go throughout the entire study guide a 2nd time (but somewhat faster) and review
  • Focus on your weaker areas & skim your stronger areas
  • Personally, I spent the last 4 days before the exam by myself cramming after 1-2 months of slow progressive studying (while working a part time job)

Step 6: Breath, pray, and practice ❤ Recall all you’ve learned & studied, eat a healthy balanced breakfast the day of and in general! (you, afterall, are becoming a dietitian!) 😀 During the exam, you get scratch paper, so take your time (for the most part) and answer these the best you can! Narrow down your answers & eliminate obvious wrong ones! Remember once you answer, you cannot go back to them!

GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY STUDIES! I pray that anyone who reads this or who does NOT read this and takes their RD exam does well! We all got into this field for a reason… so don’t quit when you are righ at the finish line!

❤ always:  Nichole MPH, RDN

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